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Polaroid Photography A Nostalgic and stylish way to either send your guest home with a fun party favor, keep for a business portfolio or website, or save for your personal photo album.


Package A: 3.5 hours, 100 print max. Digital copies so you can post on social media, exc. This works best in nightlife, festival or corporate event settings.

[$420.00/ $150 Deposit]

Package B: 5 hours, 225 print max. Digital copies included. This package is designed for weddings, I can either send guests home with prints as party favors or you can keep for yourself and we will include a cute little photo album that will be dropped off to you within 7 business days.

[$600.00/ $250.00 Deposit]

Package C: 30 print maximum per hour. This package is designed for events that don't really know what their turnout will be so they don't want to commit to their vendors too early in advance.

[$175.00 per hour/ $100 deposit]